This page will be a repository for miscellaneous articles written by myself and others. I imagine most new content for this website will end up here.


Rejecting Enoch

The book of Enoch is claimed by many to have exclusive, important and necessary knowledge. They claim that it’s being left out of the “biblical cannon” is a conspiracy to lead people away from these essential truths. It is said that Enoch alone was given an accurate calendar on which we can base the festivals and Sabbaths. So many doctrines have been created based on this book and its content. So is Enoch divinely inspired? Does it contain essential knowledge? How can we know? Click Here To Read More

Lunar Based Sabbath: Scripture or Not?

The idea that the Sabbath is determined by the lunar cycle is a growing trend on the internet. The argument is made that the Sabbath has been changed and corrupted over time, and what is widely held as the Sabbath, Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset, is errant and pagan. Click Here To Read More

Kirk’s Study on the Amalekites

My good friend Kirk’s study on the historical accuracy of the Towrah’s Exodus account, and the history of the Amalekites. Click Here To Read More

Rejecting Paul Primer

A brief article I wrote up some years ago as a way to get people to begin to question Paul. Click Here To Read More

Miqra’ey For Children

A series of Power Point Presentations created by a Covenant family member to help us teach our children about Yahowah’s Miqra’ey. Click Here To Read More