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November 01 2017

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October 27 2017

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October 06 2017

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September 29 2017

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September 22 2017

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September 15 2017

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September 01 2017

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August 25 2017

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August 11 2017

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August 04 2017

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July 28 2017

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July 21 2017

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July 07 2017

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June 23 2017

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June 16 2017

Segment 1 

Alex Jones story.

The nature of political correctness.

The detailed prophecy of the fall of Damascus.

Craig will be returning to Coast to Coast talking about everything from creation to end times.

Return to 1 Chronicles.

The importance of Yahowah’s name.

The Hebrew Alphabet.

June 09 2017

Segment 1 

Trump’s claim that he was exonerated.

Qatar in the news.

Dowd and 1 Chronicles 15:1

What Yah had to say in His 10 Dabar about the importance of His name. 

The role and purpose of the Lowey/Levite.

Yahowah wants to camp out with us.

Yahowah has told us what He wants, so why then do so many religious people pray for Him to tell them His will for their lives.

Yahowah likes to work with and through His children.

Yahowah’s predilection for shepherds.

May 26 2017

Segment 1 

Roy’s email about Conspiracy Theories and Babel.

Political correctness’s disabling rational thought.

The fearmongering nature of Conspiracy Theories.

Yah s view on Conspiracy Theories.

The anti-Semitic nature of Conspiracy Theories.

The dangers of the anti-vaccine moment.

Debunking the anti-vaccine Conspiracy Theory.

May 19 2017

Segment 1 

The Julian Assage case.

Trump firing the man investigating him.

Why Craig abandoned conspiracy theories.

Debunking conspiracy theories.

Con vs chem trails.

The twin tower’s collapse.

The collapse of WTC7.

The “dangers” of vaccines.

May 05 2017

Segment 1 

Return to Kirk’s study.

The limited nature of Yahowah’s instructions regarding war.

The nature of Islam today and through history.

The role of the Judges.

Dating historical events depicted in the Towrah.

April 21 2017

Segment 1 

Return to Kirk’s study.

Parallels between America and ancient Egypt.

The propagandistic nature of ancient historians.

King shepherd vs shepherd king.

What happened and why it happened when Yisra’el feared to enter the land.

What is meant by their inequity is full.

Yahowah only engages and has His people engage in warfare in His home.

April 14 2017

Segment 1 

Pesach, Matsah and Bikuwriym.

There was no Jesus in the 1st century.

The absurdity of Easter.

How Yah defines “sin”.

2 Samuel as an example of the horribleness of English translations.

The difference between the first and second tablet if stone, the first is about our relationship with Him, the second our relationship with each other as well as our relationship with Him.

Danny’s letter and his journey to Yah.

Yahowah’s Towrah correctly gave us a pronunciation of Egyptian names and cities before the Rosetta Stone.

More historical evidence of Yah’ s Word.

The propagandist nature of much of ancient historical documents.

March 31 2017

Segment 1 

Return to Kirk’s study on the historical evidence of the Exodus story.

Yahowah interacts in a way that has natural explanations so as to retain free will.

The aftermath of the Exodus in Egypt.

Parallels between modern day and the past ads it relates to war.

Continuing historical evidence through Joshua and Judges.

March 24 2017

Segment 1 

The timing of Passover this year.

Yahowah’s economic system.

The problems with the American healthcare system.

Yahowah’s Yowbel.

Yahowah’s welfare system.

Return to Kirk’s study on historical evidence of the Exodus account.

How the 10th plague was carried out.

Why we should test Yahowah’s Word.

Why Yahowah rarely interacts directly in our world.

Is Ha Satan evil?

What Yah means by Towb.

March 10 2017

Segment 1 

Continuing evidence for the historical accuracy of the Towrah.

The nature of how the 10th plague was carried out.

How Yahowah intervenes in our world.

What occurred in Egypt after the Exodus.

The Amakalites.

March 03 2017

Segment 1 

The “Toe the line” mentality of academia.

The theory of evolution.

A discussion of Immanuel Velikovsky.

The propagandistic nature of Roman historians.

The Historical accuracy of the Towrah.

The nature of Yah’s Nabi/Prophets.

February 17 2017

Segment 1 

Return to “Moody” Jeff

The value of being judgmental.

Yahowah does not compromise in His Way.

Yahowah’s Humblness.

The nature of “Sacrifices” in the Towrah.

Yahowah’s having the Canaanites eliminated.

The consequences of allowing Religion to exist in your midst.

The Amalekites in Egypt.

How did Yitshaq know that a lamb was needed?

The mass practice of human sacrifice at the time of Abraham.

February 03 2017

Segment 1 

Return to “Moody” Jeff’s email.

How our (religious, political, militaristic, etc.) past can be used to our advantage.

The origin of the corruption Gospel.

The origin of the corruption Christian.

Yahowah does not have a church.

The best eye witness accounts of Yahowsha’s fulfillment of Pesach are in the Psalms.

The Greek text are not necessary for knowing or understanding Yahowah, or Yahowsha.

The importance of context and viewing the Towrah from the beginning.

The names Yahowah uses have meaning, and importance that is lost when they are ignored.

January 27 2017

Segment 1 

Should we as a nation allow torture?

The four letters which comprise Yqahowah’s name.

Hebrew was the first alphabet.

Who was the first human with a nesamah?

When the covenant was first revealed in full.

The symbolism and importance of water.

The corruption of Yahowah’s testimony.

The importance of words.

Return to “Moody” Jeff.

The issue with replacing Euangelion, with Gospel.

Religious replacement of words.

January 20 2017

Segment 1 

The inauguration.

God does not protect America.

God’s view on public prayer.

The amount of money wasted in the military.

The hypocrisy of Christians citing the Towrah.

The protestors at the inauguration.

Return to “Moddy” Jeff’s email.

Yahowah’s truth is not hard to find.

Looking for answers on your own versus looking to others for answers.

The truth is not “out there” it is in there, the Towrah.

Believing in God is irrelevant.

Did God give us enough to get it?

Outcome versus effort.

January 13 2017

Segment 1 

Email Craig received from “Moody” Jeff.

(You can read the exchange here, starting at post 622 and going through 624)

God does not have a HOLY BIBLE.

The Hebrew root BBL.

Seeking Yah vs seeking religion.

Did God make it hard for us to come to know him?

The idea that God want’s sacrifices from us.

You cannot view and understand Yahosha without the perspective of the Towrah.

There is no Church in Yahowah’s Word.

How and Why Yahowah uses Prophecy.

 The importance of Yahowah’s name.

What is meant by Set Apart.

Why Yahowah asked Abraham to walk away from Babylon.

January 6 2017

Segment 1 

Lies used to control.

Did Russia “Hack” the election.

Democrats ignore the fact that the content of Hillary’s email is what hurt her by changing the subject to them being leaked.

The hypocrisy of America attacking Russia for leaking emails when we prove they did it by leaking emails America intercepted from them.

If it is an act of war for Russia to intercept American email’s, then isn’t it an act of war when the NSA intercepts American citizen’s emails.

Edward Snowden.

NSA monitoring has done nothing to increase security.

What is there to be proud of Michelle Obama for?

The inaccurate view that American’s have of themselves.

You have the opportunity to do whatever you want IF you are willing to work for it.

Earning what you have.

The change in sales and customer service, and were America is headed.

The American worship of the military.

Religious depictions of Yahowsha.

The timing of the Exodus.

Where was Tarshish. Spurned by this link shared by John Berry:

http://www.bibleorigins.net/tarshishtarsus.html to a document concerning the rethinking that Tarsus of Ciilicia IS the Tarshish that the TP&P is talking about. Just skip the first few lines and start where it reads… “The location of biblical Tarshish remains a mystery…”

Yahowah’s visits to Earth and what occurs.

What Yahowah’s final visit to Earth will be like.

December 29 2016

Segment 1 

UN passes resolution condemning the building of houses in Jerusalem.

The myth of a “Palestinian People.”

You can achieve peace by appeasing terrorist?

The goal of isolating Israel.

Anti-Semitism in Islam.

How Muhammad took Talmud stories and twisted them into Quran surah.

Muhammad’s winged ass ride to Jerusalem.

The Americans think it is the US’s job to tell the world what to do.

The true history of the Philistines/Palestinians.

The historical reliability of the Tanak.

The US’s mafia like tactics with Israel.

The myth that the US gives more military aid to Israel than any other nation.

The US gives military aid to Israel’s enemies 25 times more then to Israel.

Myth, America is an ally to Israel.

December 09 2016

Segment 1 

Pizzagate and satanic ritual, come on people get real.

Clickbait stories, and the credibility of online stories.

Black murder blacks more than whites murder blacks.

The Clinton’s history of sexual abuse.

Conspiracy Theories and those that promote them.

The dangers of government stopping “fake news.”

The stupidity of the History Channel.

Flat Earth stupidity.

Sexual abuse allegations toward UK soccer teams.

The beast of Rome, and Roman Catholicism, and Christianity.

Why attacking Mosul is a bad idea.

YashaYah/Isiah 2:15

Yahowah’s stance on military, and patriotism.

Who was and who is Meshech, Tubal, and Tarshish.

Why would God give us information if it was unusable and unknowable?

December 02 2016

Segment 1 

Muslims burning Israel.

Trump’s secretary of state interviews.

Ohio state Jihadi attack.

YashaYah/Isaiah 2.

Yahowah’s ultimatum prior to the tribulation.

Yahowah’s plan is rational and fair.

Understanding Vs Belief.

Why the “Put Christ Back In Christmas” movement is ridiculous and stupid.

What is the most important day on Yahowah’s calendar to Him.

What is meant by Yahowah of Sabba.

God does not micromanage the universe.

How Yahowah interacts with the universe.

The nature and role of the Malak/Angels.

Who or what is Yah condemning in Yashayah 2.

Who Yahowah hates the most.

November 18 2016

Segment 1 

60% of those arrested in protests didn’t even vote.

The ignorance effect of religion and politics.

The exodus from high tax rate states.

Why companies are leaving America.

What Supplant means.

America’s Military doesn’t keep us safe.

What Yahowah meant when he said that some there would not die until seeing the coming of the kingdom of God.

Thinking in Hebrew versus reading Hebrew.

The story of the adulterous woman in John 8 doesn’t exist in the oldest Greek manuscripts, not coming into existence until the late 7th century.

The reliability of the Greek text.

Supplanting man’s way for Yah’s way.

What Ya’aqob/Jacob mean.

We are all equal in the kingdom of Yah.

Reasons Craig was reluctant to do radio.

Gentiles becoming part of the family.

Yah’s hatred of warfare and how there will be an end to war when He establishes His kingdom.

God is not only not on either side of a war; He is opposed to both.

Aligning our will with God’s will. We want to embrace Yah’s covenant and His way, which is what Yah wants.

Yahowah’s instructions are for our benefit, they are in our best interest.

November 11 2016

Segment 1 

Discussion starts with the US Election results.

Why as members of the Covenant we don’t vote.

The Protest/Riots following the election results.

Email exchange with Roy from down under.

Read it here.

The allegory found in The Wizard of Oz.

The effectiveness, or lack thereof, of NSA spying.

Last night in a score of cities across America, from NYC to LA, from Portland to Chicago, including WDC, we witnessed the Zombie Apocalypse. By the thousands, indoctrinated, entitled, ignorant, and irrational young people crept into the night and marched aimlessly through traffic on major highways chanting mindlessly, demonstrating their hatred by hating those they oppose, all while angrily screaming out their opposition to hate. And if that were not sufficiently hypocritical and ironic, they championed inclusiveness by disassociating themselves from everyone who does not believe as they do.
The media, which similarly trumpets inclusiveness while excluding everyone who isn’t a socialist secular humanist, internationalist, multiculturalist, and environmentalist, praised the zombies, saying that they were democracy in action.
If you have the opportunity, look at the hatred in their faces, listen to the anger in their voices, consider the hostility of their message, read the contradictory words on their signs, and ask yourself why they came out at night, why they congregated together, why they blocked traffic, and why they cannot cannot recognize that they are what they hate.
It is easy to see how the Towrahless One will charm the world. Tell young people that they are entitled. Tell them that those who built the businesses that provide their fancy sneakers, that built their homes, their schools, the roads, power grids, and internet with its social media are hateful, counterproductive thieves and terrorists that they, the youth who have done nothing, deserve more, and they’ll stumble like zombies in the night to worship at the feet of the deification of man.
I was alarmed that two thirds of young, college indoctrinated Americans voted for a communist in the primaries. They then voted for his dishonest and immoral rival in the general election. The future is stumbling before our eyes and is screaming in our faces. It’s ugly. Anarchy is near.
And if that were not bad enough, consider the fault line. The world is breaking apart on nationalistic lines, with nationalists opposing multiculturalists. It is dividing based upon class warfare, with the unproductive demonizing the productive.
The reason that the popollsters all got it wrong is because those who opposed the elitist and globalist candidate didn’t want to be accosted by those conducting the polls. They realize that those who say that they are peaceful, tolerant, pacifists are actually the most aggressive and hateful. Those who are not politically correct are legitimately afraid to express their views to those engaged by the media.

— Excerpt from the email exchange.

October 28 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

A discussion about Ron Wyatt, a pseudoarchaeologist who was, and still is, revered for his discovery of various Christian artifacts including the Ark of the Covenant. This discussion spans from how Mr. Wyatt proved that Noah’s Ark did not come to rest on top of the Mountains of Ararat (many recall the specific place of Mount Judi in these mountains) and where the Ark was finally discovered to the importance of understanding the Torah.

October 26 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Yahowah’s Feast of Trumpets, or Yowm Taruw’ah a.k.a. Teruah. A deeper understanding of the feast and its meaning

October 7 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Yahowah’s Feast of Reconciliations, or Yowm Kippuwrym.

September 23 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

– Remarks concerning deliberate deceptions by the media

– The CDC forecasts 500,000 young Muslim girls throughout the USA will have their genitals mutilated by their own mothers via female circumcision (the cutting off of the clitoris), yet there is no outcry from human rights organizations or child protective agencies.

– The militarization of American police forces and the increasing number of unprosecuted murders being committed by America’s police officers

– Attention returned at the beginning of the 2nd segment to Salvation is from Yah / YashaYahuw / Isaiah 1:21

September 16 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

– Discussion of points made by an Irish politician in a speech condemning U.S. foreign policy in general and U.S. President Barack Obama specifically

– Attention then turned to Salvation is from Yah / YashaYahuw / Isaiah 1:21

September 09 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

– What the Hebrew word “holy” really means.

– Remarks and discussion about the war in Syria

– Observations about the differences between Yahowah’s Covenant and Christianity’s make-believe counterfeits

– The importance Yahowah places on our contending with those who are religious

– Back to Salvation is from Yah / YashaYahuw / Isaiah

September 02 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

– Remarks regarding “Floating Coffins”, simple boats, which are not seaworthy, jammed with supposed Muslim refugees, many of whom allegedly die on the journey to “safer havens”

– Penetrating questions provoked by the “Floating Coffins” situation

– More on patriotism, nationalism, and police militarism

– Back to Salvation is from Yah / YashaYahuw / Isaiah 1

– Where did Izchaq (Isaac) get the idea that Abraham was going to sacrifice a lamb, when all the sacrifices done in Babylon, Abraham’s home town, were human?

August 19 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

August 12 2016

Segment 1 

– Regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the creation of Chawah, she who is known around the world incorrectly as “Eve”

– Why Chawa was created

– What she represents

August 05 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

The past week’s events discussed, with a focus on a rational analysis based on Yahowah’s words and ways

Salvation is from Yah / YashaYahuw / Isaiah 1

July 29 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Step by step explanation of why translations of Yahowah’s words that are based on Greek texts cannot be considered accurate or reliable.

July 22 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

A wonderful story of how Yahowah provides for his children

Fools who would rather argue than investigate

In the Beginning / Baresyth / Genesis 6:1-4

July 08 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

The fellows discussed the murders of the police officers in Dallas, Texas last night.

America’s police officers characterized as being too militaristic and vicious.

Craig presented his reasons why people’s responses are so irrational today.

Today’s violence equated with that of the people in Noah’s time which prompted Yahowah to flood the Middle East.

Why and how Yahowah opposes religion.

July 01 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Craig shared about his personal battle with systemic poison ivy.

Is Zion—the signposts along the way—really Dowd?

The Hebrew word “abed“, traditionally translated as “servant”, actually means “work”.

Therefore, translated correctly, Dowd was not Yahowah’s servant; rather, he was his coworker!

From there, the discussion took right off and the guys never looked back. You’re going to like this week’s segments!

June 17 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Craig and the gang begin an in-depth look into the book of Yashayah’uw (“Salvation is from Yah”), more popularly known as Isaiah.

June 03 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Why the continued focus on Paul & Christianity

May 27 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Sex scandals and cover-ups at Baylor University;
How the IRS routinely robs Americans;
The myth that a Palestinian people actually exist;
Major manufacturer’s prediction of imminent collapse of American economy;
The failure of colleges and universities to teach students how to learn;
Other observations about today’s world and its people

May 13 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Decimation of bee population;
Magnetic reversal of poles;
Continent-sized pile of rubbish in the Pacific Ocean

Islam is responsible for 99.99% of terrorism worldwide;
Why Thomas Jefferson obtained a copy of the Quran;
How the Marine Corps Hymn acknowledges that the U.S.A. has most certainly been at war with Muslims in the past

Yahowah calls out the false apostle Paul by name;
Review of Embrace This / Chabaquwq / Habakkuk 1 & 2

May 06 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

American politics
Religion Is the Whore of Babylon

April 29 2016

Segment 1 

Religion Is The Whore of Babylon

April 23 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Religion Is The Whore of Babylon

April 15 2016

Segment 1 

Comments on the news of the day

Proverbs 7:1-4

April 08 2016

Segment 1 

Psalm 91

April 01 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Psalm 91

March 25 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Psalm 91

Craig’s personal testimony

March 18 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Psalm 91

Craig’s personal testimony

March 11 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

The Consequences of Political Correctness

Proverbs 6

March 04 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Proverbs 6

February 26 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Proverbs 6

February 19 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Continuing to focus on what Yahowah has to say regarding governments and religion (it’s ALL negative).

February 12 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Yahowah’s Condemnation of Governments

February 05 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Why Religion Is Fatal To Souls

January 29 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

1 Shamu‘el 7:3

January 24 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

1 Shamu‘el 7

January 17 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

1 Shamu‘el 8:
Isra‘el demands a king;
Yahowah responds.
Everyone who fancies themselves a patriot ought to listen to this very carefully!

January 10 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Kirk Miller hosts, discussing how the USA became the world’s leading merchant of death.

January 03 2016

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

“The Land Down Under’s” Roy Goodman joined Craig, Scott, and Frank to discuss the science of Big Bang, macroevolution, and other fascinating topics.

December 24 2015

Segment 1 

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Definition of “Halal”

Sharia Law explained

Beginning to understand Yahowah’s Words