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December 29

Return to YashaYah 11.

The importance of understanding.

You have to know and understand Yahowah to translate His Word.

“A stem, a small shoot or secondary branch, has come out and will be extended for a limited period of time from the stump, from the trunk which has been cut down and yet is still capable of supporting new growth, of Yshay (Standing Out and Being Noticed), and a secondary branch, a shoot or sprout to observe from his root, will be extended from his base, from the foundation which keeps him anchored and nourished, continuing to bear an abundance of fruit. (11:1)

And the Spirit (the Divine power and energy, the mind and essence, the feminine touch and understanding, even the acceptance and light) of Yahowah will be placed upon him, energizing him, never departing, settling down upon him and remaining, allied and associated with him, assuring him of the most favorable outcome, while enabling him to remain composed and prevail no matter the challenge,

the Spirit providing the ability to understand as well as the capacity to learn and ability to teach, and the capability of discerning reasoned insights leading to enlightenment, facilitating the propensity to be perceptive and make proper connections and intelligent associations which provide a conceptual understanding,

the Spirit of practical advice and applicable counsel, on pertinent directions on how to properly respond, providing prudent consultation and effective mentoring and of empowerment, of inspiring aptitude and enormous capability, of the capacity to achieve and accomplish the mission, and the courage, character, and confidence to prevail,

the Spirit of knowing and of knowledge, of recognizing where to look for answers, of being aware of the evidence, of being able to discern what is relevant and accurate, of discriminating between fact and fiction, right and wrong, and thereby able to recognize and acknowledge the truth, and of encouraging respect for while showing reverence to, appreciating the awesome nature, outstanding character, superlative ability, and astonishing greatness of being inspired by Yahowah. (11:2)

His ability to approach and draw near will be based upon his perceptions and acceptance, upon his capacity to distinguish the truth and respond appropriately with regard to his reverence and respect for the astonishing greatness and inspiration of Yahowah. And he will not make his decisions or exercise judgment by way of an appearance, nor from any spiritual revelation, miraculous vision, or supernatural phenomenon seen with his eyes. Also, not by hearsay, not by word of mouth, nor that which is passed around person to person, not by listening to information which cannot be verified which is heard with his ears, will he make judgments, offer arguments, or seek to resolve disputes, nor make decisions regarding vindication, complain, or hurl accusations. (11:3)

But instead, he will exercise good judgment, argue, and resolve disputes by being accurate, honest, and right, being fair and correct, in accord with the truth, avoiding any conflict or inconsistency with the established standard with regard to the doorway and provide proof using sound arguments, evidence and reason to decide and choose, to judge and correct, to criticize, accuse, or condemn with everything out in the open, doing so fairly by putting all relevant evidence on the table, being on the level with nothing hidden in a straightforward manner, doing so on behalf of the sincere in the Land and on the Earth who are seeking forthright answers and who are willing to respond but who are not able to help themselves at this point and need some assistance from a witness with answers to their questions.

Then He will confront and strike, verbally attacking, chastising, and judging the material realm with the symbols of His authority, with the rod, staff, scepter, and spear of His mouth and with the Spirit of His lips, using His language and words. The wicked and the wrong, those who are guilty and must be condemned will die, deprived of their physical life and ceasing to exist as a living being. (11:4)

Being right, correct, and honest shall become the belt around his hips and integrity and dependability, being steadfast truthful, will be the sash girding his waist.” (Yasha’yah 11:5)

December 22

No Description.

December 15

Yasha’Yah Chapter 11.

Who is the choter?

“A ______ (choter – a small shoot or secondary branch, a slender stick or twig, a tiny sprout or stem, a pliable wooden implement or rod as a measure or standard, a secondary source of growth serving as a living entity delivering progeny, an unruly and untrained tendril, or less-productive sucker) has come out or will be extended (yatsa’) from (min) the stump or root-stock (geza’) of Yshay / to Stand Out and Be Noticed (Yshay), a secondary branch or smaller limb (netser) from (min) his root, which keeps him anchored and nourished (sheresh), continuing to bear an abundance of fruit, being productive while encouraging productivity in others (parah).” (Yasha’yah / Isaiah 11:1)

Why it is important to disprove and condemn Christianity while reaching out to wayward Yahuwdi.

December 08

No Description Available.

December 01

All “Scripture” is not inspired by God.

YashaYah/Isaiah 10.

Yahowah’s condemnation of religion.

Who is the Assyrian?

How God uses the Malak.

The worst of the worst of human kind.

November 24

No Description.

November 17

No Description.

November 10

Who is Ha Satan.

The Vietnam war and the myth that soldier fight for our freedom.

Who was Isaiah 9:6 and 7 speaking of.

How long was Yahowah’s spirit upon Yahowsha.

Return to Isaiah 9.

November 03

No Description Available.

October 27

Who Isiah 9 is really talking about.

The fact that there were no chapters or verses in the original text.

The necessity of context.

The artistic nature of translations.

The exclusive nature of a relationship with Yahowah.

What the battle of Har Maggido (Armageddon) will be.

Who was the child who was born and the son who was given?

I would rather be right than good.

Links between Dowd and Yahowsha.

October 20

Drug addiction in America.

A bit on YashaYah 9

Return to YashaYah 5.

October 13

The Opioid problems in America.

“Taking a Knee” at football games.

Why Islamic countries spawn terrorism.

Return to Observations Chapter 14.

The Canaanite religion and its similarity to Christianity.

Paul’s one and only prophecy was wrong.

Quotes from many well-known individuals who recognized Paul for what he is.

YashaYah 5:18-23

October 06

The Vegas shooting.

The celebration and meaning of Sukah.

Nuances of Hebrew grammar.

 How we can know how to pronounce Yahowah’s name.

The Hebrew alphabet and the letter meanings.

The Christian obsession with eschatology.

Paul’s errant prophecy.

September 29

Yowm Kippuriym.

The art of translation.

Salvation is not Yahowah’s focus, it is a byproduct of a relationship with Him.

The dangers of ignorance.

Return to YashaYah 5.

She’owl and who will be there and why.

The joy of working with Yah.

September 22

No Description.

September 15

Set Apart versus Holy.

What is meant by qowdesh qowdesh, set apart set apart.

Was Yahowsha’s birth to a virgin.

What Yahowah saw when He opened the doors to heaven in front of YashaYah.

Why we should not be disheartened by people rejecting the message we bring.

Light destroys and obliterated darkness.

There are people Yahowah does not want to save, and does not want in His home.

September 8

The megasizemos that we are and will experience as we near the end.

If you do not trust and rely on Yahowah, you will not endure.

Return to YashaYah 5.

What Yahowah means when He speaks of alcohol and intoxication.

“As a consequence (la ken – as a result, therefore, it follows that), My people (‘am any – My family) are exposed and vulnerable (galah – are revealed for who they really are, laid bare and stripped of any pretense, exiled, many as captives (qal perfect)) because of (min – out of and from) their lack of knowledge and discernment (baly da’at – their failure to comprehend, their lack of apprehension, their ignorance and inability to understand, their incapacity to distinguish between right and wrong, their unwillingness to discriminate between good and bad, their reluctance to differentiate between truth and lies; from yada’ – to know, to acknowledge, to learn, to discriminate, to recognize, and to understand).

They honor and attribute high status to (kabowd – they respect the reputation and abundance, the popularity and manifestation of power, the overall societal acceptance of) their ravenous and insatiable (ra’eb – pandemic of voracious) maggots of men, to lowly and insignificant humans (moth – parasitic louses, the likes of corpses and carcasses) so (wa) their capacity for compassion and ability to enrich (hamown – their abundant mercy, their gatherings of people with an enormous inheritance, and their accumulation of a multitude of riches) has shriveled up and evaporated (huw’ tsichah tsama’ – has dried up, deprived of water, they have lost the source of life and cleansing).” (Yasha’yah / Salvation is from Yahowah / Isaiah 5:13)

September 1

Flooding in Texas and the poor planning of man.

How the one world currency will come to pass.

The only god that man can kill is a god man has made.

What makes Dowd so great.

Return to Isaiah 5.

Why we spend so much time exposing religion and man’s way:

He loosened the dirt, tilled its soil, and removed the weeds (‘azaq hy’ – he cleared away the sod from it with the proper implement and prepared its ground for cultivation (piel imperfect)), cleared it of stones (wa caqal hy’ – removed the stones of death used for capital punishment (piel imperfect)), and planted it (wa nata’ hy’ – placed the seeds and embedded root-stock) with the best vines (soreq – with the choicest and most highly-valued grapevines). Isaiah 5:2

The prophetic depictions in Yashayah 5.

August 25

The treatment of Jews in the world today.

YashaYah/Isaiah 5.

Yahowah’s use of Na’/Please.

Yahowah’s use of metaphors, i.e. wine.

What the stone’s removed to clear the vineyard really were.

Yahowah’s song of unrequited love.

August 18

The events in Charlottesville, and the misunderstandings in the aftermath.

Natural Log e, and what we can learn from it.

The Hebrew word Tsemach.

Yahowah communicates through Hebrew alone, and not the religious languages of Greek or Latin.

The fidelity of the Greek Text.

The question of “Giants”.

The origin of the Latin Vulgate which is the basis of English translations.

August 11

The errant nature of English translations of the Towrah.

How and why English translations share the same errors and mistakes.

The importance of the stems, conjugations, moods and tenses of Hebrew.

Return to Ba’reshiyth 6.

The hard fast rule of translate words, transliterate proper nouns.

The Nephylym.

Evidence, historical, archaeological and Towrah, for a localized regional flood in the area outside Eden.

August 04

The veracity of the Greek “New Testament”.

The Myth that Jews aren’t Jews.

The Power of Oral communication on emotion.

Addressing the Khazar Origins Myth.

The various Jewish groups existing today.

The linguistic evidence concerning the Ashkenazi Jews origin.

The genetic evidence concerning the Ashkenazi Jews origin.

July 28

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Did Yahowah say trust no man.

Mismowr/Psalm 118

“You all should choose to acknowledge and express your gratitude for the actions and attributes (yadah – of your own freewill, recognize and extol your appreciation for the nature and power; from yad – hand, influence, power, and support, and yada’ – to know, to acknowledge, to recognize, and to relate to, to discern, to discriminate, to distinguish, to know by experience, and to admit [Yahuwdah is a contraction of Yahuwah and yadah] (hifil imperative)) of so as to approach (la – concerning to draw near) Yahowah (efei), because (ky – for indeed, truly and verifiably) He is generous, beneficial, and good (towb – He is festive, beautiful, pleasing, and enjoyable).

Indeed (ky – surely and truthfully, emphasizing this point), accordingly (la), His steadfast love and unfailing mercy (checed huw’ – His affection and kindness, His favorable treatment and resulting benefits) are eternal (‘owlam – everlasting and forevermore).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:1)

“Please (na’ – it is my desire and I am exhorting you now at this time with all of the urgency and intensity that I can muster, entreating you), Yisra’el (Yisra’el – Individuals who Engage and Endure with God), let’s, of our own volition, express in words (‘amar – we should genuinely choose of our own freewill to continually say (qal imperfect jussive)), that His love and mercy (checed huw’ – His affection and kindness, His favorable treatment and resulting benefits) endure forever (la ‘owlam – approach infinity, enabling us to draw near eternally).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:2)

“Please (na’ – it is my desire and I am exhorting you now at this time with all of the urgency and intensity that I can muster, entreating you), Family (beyth – home and household) ‘Aharown (‘Aharown – Enlightened Freewill and Choose the Light, to crave, desire, and love light), let’s, of our own volition, express this in words (‘amar – we should genuinely choose of our own freewill to continually say this (qal imperfect jussive)), because (ky – for the express reason that) His affection and kindness, especially His favorable treatment and resulting benefits (checed huw’ – His love and mercy) endure forever (la ‘owlam – approach infinity, enabling us to draw near eternally).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:3)

“I am exhorting those of you now at this time with all of the urgency and intensity that I can muster (na’ – please, it is my desire, so I am entreating those of you) who respect and revere (yare’ – who intently observe the profound awesomeness and astonishing majesty of) Yahowah (efei), to genuinely and consistently choose to convey this (‘amar – to actually and continually of your own freewill to say and affirm this (qal imperfect jussive)), because indeed (ky – for the express reason that), His love, mercy, favorable treatment, and resulting benefits (checed huw’ – His affection and kindness, His loyalty and passion) are eternal, enabling us to draw near throughout time (la ‘owlam – to approach infinity and endure forever).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:4)

“From (min – out of) the most distressful and confining situation (ha metsar – the anguishing and troubling condition associated with being hemmed in and bound up; in the feminine matsarah means to be alert and observant, watchful so as to guard against being taken by surprise by a future action or contingency; akin to mitsraym – the crucibles of oppression manifest in Egypt), I called upon (qara’ – I invited, summoned, greeted, and welcomed, I proclaimed, I read, and I recited (qal perfect)) Yahowah (efei), and He answered me (‘anah ‘any – He responded to me, He offered testimony which provided the evidence and answers I needed (qal perfect)) with (ba – in) the openness and freedom (ha merchab – the vastness and infinite expansiveness, enabling the extensive growth) of Yah (ei).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:5)

“Yahowah (efei) drew near, approaching me (la ‘any – was concerned about me and moved toward me), so I will not respect nor revere (lo’ yare’ – I will not admire nor be astonished by, and thus never fear) what, why, or how (mah – how) mankind (‘adam – humankind, the descendants of ‘Adam, man) responds and acts toward me (‘asah la ‘any – engages toward me and does to me).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:6)

“Yahowah (efei) approaches (la – regards, is concerned about, and is directed towards) me (‘any) by (ba) helping me (‘azar ‘any – supporting me, assisting me, and increasing me, adding to my intensity and nature (qal participle construct – genuinely, to modify and strengthen, and to reveal possession). [And so (wa – in MT but omitted from 4QPs)] I (‘any) shall look upon and expose (ra’ah ba – I shall observe, inspect, view, perceive, and show, actually and consistently enabling me to understand and properly envision and depict by paying attention to and considering (qal imperfect – actually and continually)) those who hate me (sane’ ‘any – those who have changed and now intensely dislike, abhor, detest, and loathe me, those who are hostile to me, arguing with me so as to inspire hostility and strife among others, encouraging them to shun any relationship with me; identical to shana’ –  those who have changed, altered their thinking, and become frustrated with me (qal participle construct)).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:7)

“It is better and more productive (towb – it is pleasing, desirable, and agreeable, valuable, generous, and beneficial, it is good, reveals one’s moral character, and is expected) to approach (la – to move toward the goal and draw near by) being confident and reliant, firmly trusting (batech – have one’s confidence inspired by relying [note: from 4QPs because the Masoretic has chacah – be kept safe by trusting, taking refuge, finding safety and comfort while being protected and sheltered by confiding] (qal infinitive construct – a literal verbal noun revealing purpose)) in (ba) Yahowah (efei) apart from (min – away from and opposed to, or than, denoting a comparative degree) naively trusting so as to stumble and become vulnerable by carelessly relying (batach – putting confidence in or believing, having faith to the point of reliance, (note: the secondary and tertiary definitions of batach convey: stumbling and falling, tripping by taking an unsuspected and undefended misstep, losing control and becoming vulnerable (qal infinitive construct)) in (ba – with or upon) mankind (ha ‘adam – those who represent humankind, the man, ‘Adam, the first man who chose poorly and was separated).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:8)

“It is good, desirable, and beneficial (towb – it is pleasing, better, and agreeable, valuable, generous, and productive, it reveals one’s moral character, and is expected) to (la – to approach by and consider) be kept safe by trusting and confiding (chacah – take refuge, finding safety and comfort, being protected and sheltered (qal infinitive construct – a literal verbal noun revealing purpose)) in (ba) Yahowah (efei) opposed to (min – distinct, away from, and separated, than, denoting a contrast revealing a comparison by degree to) placing one’s confidence and hopes (batach – naively trusting so as to stumble and become vulnerable by carelessly relying, believing, having faith to the point of reliance, stumbling and falling, tripping by taking an unsuspected and undefended misstep, losing control and becoming vulnerable by confiding (qal infinitive construct)) in (ba – with or upon) political leaders or religious officials (nadyb – rulers, princes, nobility, those who spontaneously and freely act upon their own initiative, those who willingly and voluntarily seek positions of influence, control, and status in government or other human institutions; from nadab – who take the initiative to willingly incite and impel).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:9)

“The totality of (kol – every and all) Gentiles and their pagan nations (gowym – those disassociated from Yisra’el, non-Hebrews, the world in general, non-Yisra’elite civilizations, a confluence of men who are destined to die as a result of their body politic, those from populations comprised of heathen, animalistic, and arrogant individuals who are passed over and cut off; from gowah – to be left behind in one’s body because of lifting up that which is physical pridefully, related to gowyah – corpses and carcasses of dead and decomposing human bodies as well as people who are treated as if they were mere chattel possessed by others) encircle and surround me (cabab ‘any – reverse course and go around me, turning against me, changing regarding me; from cabab – to turn around and to in the opposite direction, akin to cobe’ – to be habitually inebriated and intoxicated so as to become a moral failure while entangled in a thorny weed (qal perfect – actually for a period of time)) in the personal name and reputation of (ba shem – in association with the proper designation and renown of) Yahowah (efei) because (ky – for the express reason that, indeed, truthfully) I warded them off, disassociating from them (muwl hem – I circumcised them in the sense of cutting them off, cutting them down, and separating from them, destroying their claims, cutting them to pieces, by opposing them (hifil imperfect – the subject, Dowd, caused the object, those who are opposing him, to participate in their own disassociation, doing so consistently)).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:10)

The concluding statement could also be rendered: “In the name of Yahowah, indeed and truthfully, I will cut them off and disassociate from them.” This rendering would be consistent, albeit redundant, with God’s next statement, which is why I’m offering both perspectives.

“They encircle and surround me (cabab ‘any – they reverse course and go after me, turning against me, they change regarding me; from cabab – to turn around and to in the opposite direction, akin to cobe’ – to be habitually inebriated and intoxicated so as to become a moral failure while entangled in a thorny weed (qal perfect – actually for a period of time)) besides (gam – moreover in addition) they have turned against me going round about using circular reasoning (cabab ‘any – they have reversed course and gone after me, changing their direction and position regarding me by becoming threatening and dangerous, doing so by encircling and surrounding me from all directions; from cabab – to turn around and to in the opposite direction, akin to cobe’ – to be habitually inebriated and intoxicated so as to become a moral failure while entangled in a thorny weed (qal perfect – actually for a period of time)).

In (ba – with) the name (shem – personal and proper name, renown, standing, and reputation) of Yahowah (efei), indeed truthfully (ky – surely and verifiably, emphasizing this point regarding this branding and stigma), I will cut them off, disassociating from them (muwl hem – I will cut them down and separate from them by destroying their claims, slicing them to pieces, opposing them while being circumcised from them (hifil imperfect – the subject, Dowd, caused the object, those who are opposing him, to participate in their own disassociation, doing so consistently)).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:11)

“They have encircled me (cabab ‘any – they have surrounded me, spinning around me in a circular fashion (qal perfect)) like (ka – in the manner of) bees (dabowrah – a swarm of wild bees; from the feminine of dabar – speaking, conversing, threatening, and promising).

They are extinguished and snuffed out (da’ak – they cease to engage, stop such activities, die out, and vanish (pual perfect)) like (ka – similar to) a fire (‘esh – a flame burning combustible material and lightning) among abhorrent thorns (qowts – in a severed, twisted, and loathsome, even sickening wick) in (ba – with) the name (shem – authority and reputation, especially personal and proper designation) of Yahowah (efei), because indeed (ky – for the express reason that truthfully and surely), I cut them off with an oath to stop them (muwl hem – I fended them off, repelled them, adverting them by circumcising myself from them, I turned them away while opposing and condemning them, cutting them down and destroying them while separating myself from them (hifil imperfect)).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:12)

“You all are tottering and exposing yourselves to grave danger by attempting to push me backwards and trip me up (dachah dachah ‘any – by trying to bring me down and overthrow me, treading upon me, you stumble all over yourselves and as a result, you will all be driven away, brought down, destroyed, and punished, falling to the lowest status as complete outcasts (qal infinitive absolute perfect – an action-oriented and descriptive noun which should be interpreted literally revealing action that will not endure beyond a limited period of time)), hoping that I might fall and be seen as inferior (naphal – expecting the attack and implied opposition to negate what I’ve done, to ruin my credibility, and cause others to neglect my efforts, suggesting that I will fail and be cast down in an untimely manner as an aborted carcass (qal infinitive construct)) but (wa) Yahowah (efei) supported and assisted me (‘azar ‘any – helped me, provided aid to me, and enhanced my capability, strengthening me).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:13)

“Yah (ei) is my strength, fortification, and power (‘oz ‘any – provides my empowerment and protection, He is the reason I can withstand all of this and the reason that I’m so stubborn and unwilling to change) and therefore (wa) facilitates my ability to compose expressive lyrics and sing (zimrah – produces the best possible result whereby the words in the songs are emphasized, giving them great value and producing the ultimate harvest as a melodious expression of joy).

And so (wa), He has become (hayah – He exists as (qal imperfect)) my means to (la ‘any la – the way for me to approach my) my salvation and Savior (yashow’ah – liberator who provides deliverance and prosperity, providing for my welfare; from yasha’ – to save and liberate).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:14)

“The sound (qowl – the audible voice and intelligent verbal communication regarding) of rejoicing by expressively singing (rinah – of communicating the message joyfully in words which describes and proclaims this desirable situation) and (wa) of salvation (yashow’ah – of liberty and deliverance, of freedom and prosperity, of victory over foes and being kept safe) is in (ba) the home and dwelling place (‘ohel – the tent and tabernacle, the household and shelter for the offspring and children) who are right and thus vindicated (tsadyq – who are upright, correct, and honest, thus righteous, innocent by being in accord with the standard, thereby justly acquitted).

The right hand (yamyn – the right side and southern orientation (by implication Yahuwdah in comparison to the rest of Yisra’el)) of Yahowah (efei) engages and acts (‘asah – works and performs) powerfully (chayl – with tremendous ability, fully qualified to perform the task of strengthening, enabling, and empowering).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:15)

“The right hand (yamyn – the right side and southern orientation (by implication Yahuwdah in comparison to the rest of Yisra’el)) of Yahowah (efei) lifts up (ruwm – raises us and is proud of, even exalts (polel pi’el – expresses the bringing about of a state or condition whereby the object is being lifted up)) the southern orientation [Yahuwdah when distinguished from the resto of Yisra’el] (yamyn – the right side and hand, therefore the southern perspective and focus, recognizing that Dowd is the preeminent example of God’s love for Yahuwdah) of Yahowah (efei), enabling it to engage and act (‘asah – so as to perform and work (qal participle)) powerfully with tremendous ability (chayl – valiantly, fully qualified and prepared to perform the task at hand, strengthened, enabled, and empowered).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:16)

“I shall not be killed or die (lo’ muwth – I shall not be put to death prematurely, nor shall I be murdered, assassinated, or destroyed for I shall not perish or be absent from life (qal imperfect)), but instead (wa) I shall continuously live (chayah – my life will be restored and be preserved, I will actually be revived, consistently nurtured, genuinely raised up, and always grow, flourishing; from chayah – to remain alive, to restore and sustain life so as to make the means to abundant life known (qal imperfect)) and (wa) recount, proclaiming the record (caphar – provide a written accounting and documentation (piel imperfect)) of the work (ma’asah – of the labor, pattern of behavior, business, occupation, and pursuits, of the actions and things accomplished and undertaken; from ‘asah – to act and engage) of Yah (ei).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:17)

“Yah (ei) has provided correct instruction to discipline me (yacar yacar ‘any – is in control and has taught me to listen to reason, teaching me how to be disciplined and right, revealing what is going to happen and the consequences of those actions so that I am forewarned (piel infinitive piel energic nun perfect – the object of the education is put into action by the subject, creating an emphatic action-oriented individual)) and (wa) He has not given me over to (lo’ nathan ‘any – He has not allowed me to be surrendered or assigned (qal perfect)) to the plague of death  (la ha maweth – to the pandemic disease that destroys the preponderance of the population).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:18)

“It is by choice that open for me (patach la ‘any – generous and free for me is the unstoppable response (qal imperative – literally as a product of freewill)) are the gates (sha’ar – are the entrance and doorway, even the associated assembly and meeting place of the hundredfold) of righteousness (tsedeq – of being correct, honest, fair, accurate, proper, just, in accord with the standard and thus innocence). I choose to enter (bow’ – of my own freewill I have decided to arrive, come in, and be included (qal imperfect cohortative – a genuine and relational entrance with ongoing implications which was subject to volition)) through them (ba hem) while electing to confess the attributes and expressing thanks (yadah – while desiring to extol the virtues, publicly, and of my own volition, acknowledging the power, choosing to express my gratitude for the hand, influence, and support, recognizing, knowing, experiencing, and relating [as noted previously: Yahuwdah is a contraction of Yahuwah and yadah] (hifil imperfect cohortative jussive – an expression of first person (Dowd) and third person (Yah) volition with unfolding implications whereby the subject (Dowd) influences the object (Yah))) to Yah (ei).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:19)

“This is the one and only doorway (zeh ha sha’ar – this is the specific and lone gateway, assembly, and meeting place) of Yahowah (efei). Those who are right (tsadyq – those who are correct, upright, in accord with the proper standard, and thus vindicated and innocent, righteous and acquitted) shall approach and enter (bow’ – shall come and be included (qal imperfect) through it (ba huw’ – within Him).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:20)

“I have chosen to acknowledge You knowing that have chosen to know and me (yadah ‘atah – it is my desire and an expression of my freewill to confess my appreciation for Your nature and power, recognizing that it is Your desire for me to experience and relate to You, to recognize, understand, and acknowledge You, even appreciate You  (hifil imperfect cohortative jussive – Dowd’s decision to acknowledge Yah, to understand and appreciate Him, has an ongoing influence on God, who desire it has been for this to have occurred)) because, indeed (ky – for the reason that truthfully and surely), You responded to me and provided the evidence and testimony I needed to answer my questions (‘anah ‘any – You asked me to respond and provide information regarding you declaration and witness, concerning myself and being preoccupied thinking about You, singing songs comprised of melodious lyrics to You (qal perfect)) and (wa) You have become (hayah – You exist as (qal imperfect)) my means to approach (la ‘any) my salvation and my Savior (la Yashow’ah – my liberation and freedom, prosperity and welfare, my deliverance and restoration).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics / Psalm 118:21)

The validity of the Septuagint.

Why the Greek New Testament is unreliable.

July 21

Muslim’s upset over Metal Detectors at the temple mount.

The US military being used to guard against cyber security.

Sexual abuse charges against the Catholic Church under the watch of Ratzinger (Pope Benedict).

Conspiracy Theories being promoted in conjunction with Yah’s Word.


The Babylonian Talmud.

Racism vs Criticism.

Bable, the intermixing of truth with lies.

July 14

Trump wants to increase our military and spy budget when we already spend more than the rest of the world combined.

The Federal Reserve’s “buying” of $4.5 Trillion of American Treasury Bonds.

Ba’reshiyth 6:13 and the continuing study of “Hineh”.

“Indeed, when the defilement and slaying, the profane nature, contemptible attitude, and disgraceful wounding of the descendants of Adam came to exist on an ongoing basis, it increased dramatically, growing to the point of being multiplied in a myriad of ways, reaching into the tens of thousands of them shooting arrows at one another within the area and before the presence of the descendants of Adam.

And daughters were born to them (6:1) and the sons of the Almighty saw that the daughters of Adam were indeed desirable and valuable. So they grasped hold of and took for themselves women from any which, as a result of their relationships and to benefit their ways, they chose. (6:2)

Then Yahowah said, ‘My Spirit shall not remain nor abide with the descendants of ‘Adam forever because, in addition to this, he is flesh and prone to proclaiming, publishing, and preaching news which is considered good and beneficial by those who hear it. So for a period of time, it shall come to be that his days will be one-hundred-twenty years.’ (6:3)

There were for a limited period of time, the Nephylym, those who prostrate themselves and are stillborn, falling in prayer, battle, and status, who were militaristic and thus met with an untimely death, existing in the region in those days, but also those bearing a resemblance to them in a slightly different form, for some time thereafter.

By association, the sons of the Almighty came to making a habit of pursuing the daughters of man (the female descendants of ‘Adam), and they conceived children for themselves.

These warriors and political leaders, prominent individuals with the ability to fight who prevailed in their quest for military and political power, who were from a relatively long time ago, were individuals with reputations and recognizable names.” (Bare’syth 6:1-4)

The counterproductive nature of a physical resurrection.

The 120-year limit to human life.

Who were the Nephylym.

July 07

Description Not Available Yet.

June 30

Description Not Available Yet.

June 23

2 Chronicles 1:3

Dowd’s parting advice to Solomon.

Yahowah doesn’t ask for or want large fancy buildings.

Where the ark is and what it means.

Yahowah only ever appointed and authorized 2 Kings, Dowd and Solomon.

If you ask God for what He wants to give, you will get it and benefit from it.

What Solomon asked from Yahowah, and Yahowah’s response.

Yahowah’s separation of grain from chaff.

The religious misunderstand Prayer.

The lack of fidelity of the Greek text.

June 16

The importance of verifying Craig’s translations.

The reason for amplified translations.

Why Craig views Dowd as more important than Yahowsha.

What is meant by Yahowah of saba/hosts.

How and why Yahowah works through us.

The Hebrew word ‘ebed, which does not mean slave.

The word palal, which is usually rendered prayer.

Listening vs talking to God.

Time and dimensionality.

June 09

What Craig came across translating Yeremyah/Jeremiah 23.

The importance of stems in Hebrew.

Jumping into 1 Chronicles starting with 17:10.

Why and who Yahowah chooses.

June 02

The Miqra of Shabuwah.

We are not responsible for other’s choices.

The connection of Shabuwah to Bikuriym.

Connections between the Shabbat, Shabuwah and the Yowbel.

Calibrating our calendar to Yah’s.

The proselytizing nature of religion, versus the take it or leave it nature of Yahowah.

The importance of work.

The two loafs of bread at Shabuwah.

The ridiculous nature of religions including Judaism, Christianity, Mormonism, Scientology and especially Islam.

May 26

Return to Observations For Our Time Chapter 8.

1 Chronicles 29:23

When asked what he desired Solomon responded Understanding.

The nature of the imperative mood in Hebrew.

Correlations between Dowd and Yahowsha.

King Sha’uwl’s death and fate.

The nature of words.

Understanding only comes from reading beginning to end.

May 19

A detailed and frank discussion on why Yada Yah Radio is separating from Larry Hendrix and the Unpopular Truth facebook page.

We are joined by Dee Powers, and Jackie. And cover Dee and Lisa’s letters to Craig about Larry and Unpopular Truth.

Show Notes For May 19 2017

May 12

Kirk and I sitting in while Craig is away.

The festival feast of Shabuwah.

What Shabuwah means.

What the Yowbel is.

The prophetic timeline embedded in Yah’s Miqra.

The “menu” for Shabuwah.

Translating and word study encouragement.

May 05

Recap of Observations.

Conspiracy Theories and their counter productivity.

Truth mixed with lies is the most dangerous thing.

Satan does not wish to be worshiped as Satan.

How conspiracy theories have historically hurt Yahowah’s people.

The damage to our credibility if we promote Conspiracy alongside Yahowah’s Word.

Return to Dowd’s story in Samuel.

Differences between Samuel and Chronicals accounting.

The value of the written word over the spoken word.

Understanding and appreciating dimensionality.

What Yah means by heart.

Think and reason your way to God.

The misnomer of sacrifice as it relates to Yah’s instructions.

Yahowah As a shepherd.

April 28

America stirring up conflict with North Korea.

Return to 2 Samuel.

Yahowah taking the lives of thousands.

What will happen when Yahowah renews His covenant.

The value of admitting you are wrong in being right.

The nature of the people Yahowah chooses to work through.

The advantages to understanding that we have over Dowd.

April 21

Recap of today’s Observations, and Kirk’s Amalekite study.

2 Shamuw’el 5.

Parallels between Dowd and Yahowsha.

Being Judgmental and exercising good judgment is important.

Yahowah as a shepherd king.

The nature of Yahowah’s Malak.

The nature of relationship and eternity.

Dowd’s bad choice.

Dowd’s return.

The necessity of knowing and admitting when you are wrong.

April 14

Easter is the worst of the Christian corruptions.

The Religious view of God.

Yah’s relationship with us and expectations of us.

A look at a religious idiot’s promotion of Easter.

Why do we use the term Scripture?

The oxymoron of hating hate.

Current Events.

2 Samuel 7:12-14

“Indeed, when (ky) your days (yowmym ‘atah) are complete (male’ – are fulfilled, come to a conclusion, and are thoroughly proclaimed (qal imperfect)) and (wa) you lie down (shakab – rest) with (‘eth) your fathers (‘ab ‘atah – your forefathers and ancestors), I will take a stand (quwm – I will arise, stand, and fulfill, bringing into fruition) with (‘eth) your offspring (zara’ – your descendants) after you (‘achar ‘atah – following you), which to show the way (‘asher – for the benefit of the relationship and as a blessing to those walking on the proper path) shall come out (yatsa’ – be brought fourth) from (min) your physical being (me’ah ‘atah – your internal organs). I will establish (kuwn – I will fashion and form in an upright manner, prepare and appoint, support and sustain (hifil perfect)), accordingly (‘eth), His kingdom (mamlakah huw’ – his reign and realm, His royal authority).”

“He shall build (banah – He will restore and rebuild and as a Son establish on behalf of the family name, He shall structure in the form of a home and pattern in the manner of a household; from ben – son (qal imperfect)) the family home (beyth – house and household, a shelter, abode, and dwelling for descendants and heirs) for (la – on behalf of and to approach, with respect to and concerning, corresponding to and demonstrating the intent of) My name (shem ‘any – My personal and proper designation). And (wa) I will establish (kuwn – I will fashion and form in an upright manner, prepare and appoint, support and sustain (polel perfect – object of the verb’s action is effected completely)), accordingly (‘eth), the throne (kace’ – the seat and place of honor, the status and authority, the position where those who are empowered are entitled to sit) of His kingdom (mamlakah huw’ – his reign and realm, His royal authority) forever and ever as a continuing witness (‘ad ‘owlam – as enduring testimony regarding eternity, as evidence of the extent and infinite duration of time, perpetually into perpetuity, continuing forever).”

“I will actually and always be (‘any hayah – I will continually and literally exist (qal imperfect)) for Him (la huw’ – towards Him) as a Father (la ‘ab) and (wa) He shall always and actually exist (huw’ hayah – he will literally and continually be) for Me (la ‘any – to move toward Me and on My behalf) as a Son (la ben – drawing near as a child), which through this association and to show the way (‘asher – because as a benefit to reveal the proper path to walk to give life meaning and to reveal the relationship, conditionally to take a stand regarding the restrictive and correct way to live an upright life, to lead and to guide, and to make an important connection) with Him becoming burdened with perversity (ba ‘awah huw’ – in regard to distortions weighing Him down (hifil infinitive construct – a possessive verbal noun where the subject, Yahowah, causes the object, Yahowsha’, to endure this, with Yahowsha’ participating as if He were Yahowah), (wa) I will resolve the dispute by judging Him, accusing Him so as to manifest vindication through Him (yakah huw’ – I will chastise and correct Him, openly presenting the means to dismiss all of the allegations, clearly conveying the evidence and reason to make things right (hifil perfect – with the Father causing the Son to engage in this manner as if the Son were the Father for a finite period of time)) with regard to and because of (ba – with respect to and for the reason of) the rods, weapons, and staffs wielded by rulers of nations to punish, kill, and control the races and tribes (shebet – the symbols, scepters, goads, and herding implements of authority used to beat, mislead, and enslave the family through misdirection, chastisement, punishment, improper use of authority, and deadly force) of mankind (‘ishym – of individual human beings) and with regard to and because of (ba – in association with, with respect to, and for the reason of) the assault and plague that has fallen (nega’ – the trauma and pestilence that has wounded, destroying through an infectious pandemic of affliction and disease bringing a bothersome condition, even stumbling blocks before and a fungus) upon the children (ben – the sons) of ‘Adam (‘adam – man born in the image of ‘Adam with a neshamah).”


Danny’s letter to Craig.

April 07

Description Coming Soon.

March 31

Fake News.

The consequence of knowing good and evil.

Why we should be judgmental.

The History of Al Qaeda.

The History and origin of the Islamic State.

Why engaging in politics is always counterproductive.

 What is Zion.

Scientific accuracy of the Towrah.

The atheist explanation for life on earth.

March 24

How Yahowah uses Prophets and how we know who speaks for Him.

The cancer like nature of religion.

Yahowah does not ask us to ever bow down and worship him.

We are not asked to convert people.

We are to be prepared to engage those that seek help and confront lies.

Yahowah’s hatred for Bable, and Rome.

The weakness of faith.

The benefits of interlinear, and why they are not reliable translations.

The lack of tenses referencing time in Hebrew.

Translators of English bibles have an agenda and copy the same mistakes.

March 17

Description Coming Soon.

March 10

Responding to and engaging in a relationship.

Yashayah 3 and what roles/positions Yahowah hates.

The connection between Eden and Sukah.

People who play “religious dress up.”

Yahowah’s return.

The beauty of the world.

Does Yahowah want to be feared and worshiped?

Return to Yashayah 2, and a discussion on what is Zion.

Yahowah’s feelings about military and war.

The Towrah is teaching and instruction, not rules and laws.

Who and what we should respect.

March 03

Show Description Coming Soon.

February 24

Kirk’s experience watching a 2-hour documentary on the “truth of the Christian bible”.

The age of the Earth and the universe.

The religious are the worst advertisement for God.

How Yahowah uses prophecy to prove what is from Him.

The reliability of the Hebrew text.

The Pope’s claim that there is no Islamic Terrorism.

Return to YahshaYah.

Questioning, verifying and challenging Craig’s translations.

February 17

Delving into what is Zion.

The difference between how Yah engages with mankind and with the malak.

Yahowah wants to lift us up, not have us lift him up.

What is meant by Yahowah lifting up His children.

The conditions of, and benefits of the covenant.

Ignorance and stupidity are no excuse.

Promoting conspiracy theories along with Yahowah’s word is counterproductive.

The importance of listening to and responding to Yahowah’s Towrah teaching.

Yahowah is not interested in your money.

You can’t force a relationship.

Everything in Yahowah’s Word must be viewed from the perspective that Yahowah wants to be our Father.

A republic only works if the public is informed, and in America people are uninformed.

February 10

Encouragement to translate on your own, and not trust Craig’s translations.

How we know we can trust Yahowah’s Word.

The Urantia Book.

The power of knowing and understanding.

Knowing Yahowah’s name is good, but not enough.

A relationship with Yahowah is grounded and knowing and understanding, not emotions and feelings.

The value of being discriminating.

The danger of mixing truth with lies.

More discussion of ‘aph.

Paul’s bragging about his religious upbringing.

What is Zion?

Historical evidence of the events of the Towrah.

February 03

Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration.

America’s meddling and interfering with the world.

The evil that is Islam.

The stupidity of engaging when you are not prepared.

Return to Hebrew word ‘aph.

Access to the tree of lives is given to those who are Right.

The importance of questioning.

Political correctness is institutionalized ignorance.

Masculine, and feminine traits, and their roles.

Letting reason guide your passion.

Why Yahowah needed to create a companion for Adam.

Yahowah allowed the serpent, and allows man to corrupt His word.

January 27

Isiah 2:22

The Hebrew word ‘aph.

Brief talk about the nesamah.

The serpent’s conversation with Chawah in the Gan Eden.

Ha Satan is subtle, crafty and sly. He is not the demonic horned being of pop culture.

The absurd notion that God does not allow his word to be corrupted.

Why God chooses humble people as opposed to egotistical ones.

You have to search for Yah in the place which He revealed Himself.

Emotions, Reason and Relationship.

Why was it called the tree of lifes, plural?

Being right versus being good, King Shauwl vs Dowd.

January 20

The pointlessness of the pledging allegiance every day.

Equivalences between Rome and America.

Why God doesn’t bless America.

Fundamentalist Vs Radical Islam.

Obama, left the country better then when he took office? Really? Are you kidding me?

Return to “Moody” Jeff’s email.

Why god doesn’t give credit to those who search in their own way, but don’t know Him.

God isn’t omnipresent.

What is Qowdesh.

How Yahowah interacts with the universe.

What is meant by Yahowah of Saba.

The role of the Malak.

The heaven/hell binary paragdim for souls is errant, and why.

The death and destruction of the soul.

Ceasing to give someone something you have provided for free is your prerogative, and it is not harming them.

The three doors of Noah’s ark.

Going were the evidence leads.

The feminine nature of Yah.

The importance of the Hebrew language and its intricacies.

Hebrew as the first alphabet.

How to take advantage of the Hebrew Dictionaries and Lexicons.

Details matter when it comes to Yahowah’s word.

Hebrew names and there meaning.

How Paul unlike everyone else described his first encounter with god as being assaulted by him.

Exodus 4:24-26

Why Yahowah chooses Shepherds.

January 13

The triumphant, albeit short lived, return of the Larryanator.

Continuation of “Moody” Jeff’s email from Observations.

(You can read the exchange here, starting at post 622 and going through 624)

Is Towrah laws to be obeyed?

Nobody should listen to any of us. Verify it for yourself.

It is not our duty to convince others.

We should not expect to convince everyone, even Yahowsha failed more then He succeeded.

You don’t need faith if you have understanding.

The importance of Yahowah’s name.

Does Yahowah command us?

God doesn’t grade on a curve.

The importance of the tenses in Hebrew.

It is not difficult to come to know and understand Yahowah.

The common attitude of all of Yahowah’s family.

How we can know how to pronounce Yahowah’s name.

God wants people in eternity who are intelligent and desire to know and understand.

Knowing is good, understanding is better.

Yahowah is not engaged in a war for souls with Satan, He simply presents the truth and leaves us to it.

Yahowah’s Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning, restoring, and transforming the soul. Yahowah’s testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open minded. Psalm 19:7

Knowing and Understanding Yahowah requires effort and commitment.

Ha Satan is beguiling, he doesn’t appear as the red horned demon.

My people are destroyed and will perish as a result of a lack of knowledge and corrupted information. Indeed because you have rejected and avoided understanding, I will also reject and avoid you, so you shall be separated from serving as My ministers. And since you have ignored and forgotten Almighty God’s Towrah, I will ignore, cease to care about, and forget your children also. Hosea 4:6

Based on that what makes anyone think Yahowh will judge on a curve?

Don’t try to reach out to others until you know and understand the material.

In Yeremyah/Jermiah Yahowah tells us that the way men will lead men away from Him, is by corrupting His name.

In the second of the 10 Dabar Yahowah tells us that His mercy and unearned favor is for thousands who observe His Towrah.

According to the 10 Dabar teaching lifeless doctrines in His name is the one thing Yahowah will not forgive.

Yahowah calls Shauwl/Paul the plague of death.

“Moody” Jeff equates Yahowah’s Leviticus teaching to pagan practices.

The benefits and necessity of Hebrew being an alphabet, and the evidence that Hebrew was the first alphabet.

January 06

Call in note, please press 1 after calling in if you would like to talk.

Why if there is global warming it is not a bad thing.

Recap of Observations show.

The Carthaginians.

The prevalence of human sacrifice in religion.

How did Yitshaq know to expect a lamb?

What was going on when Abraham took Yitshaq up the mountain.

YashaYah 2:18

Yahowah will destroy all traces of religion when he returns.

Human sacrifice in the modern world.

Yahowah will return the world to an Eden like status.

There are things Yahowah can’t do, and that is good.

Yahowah’s view of money.

Association with money and religion.

Making idols for yourself.

Ha Satan is clever, cunning and tricky, he pretends to be what he is not.

Halal Ben Shakar does not want to be worshiped as Satan, he wants to be god.

How the serpent tricked Chawah in Eden.

The tree of the knowledge of GOOD and EVIL.