BTR 2018

Yada Yah Radio

Yada Yah radio airs every Friday at 6:30 CST on Blog Talk Radio. Host Craig Winn is joined by Kirk Miller, and myself. Each week we delve into Yahowah’s Word, and examine them in light of the world we live in.



January 12

Technical difficulties.

The story of the Tower of Babel.

Satan is interested in mass numbers not individuals.

Who is Isiah 9:6 referencing.

Making sport of killing, vs killing for food.

Babel – confusing and mixing together.

English translation routinely transliterate the names of bad places and people correctly while incorrectly transliterating the names of good people and places.

The lie that Yahowah abandoned His people for gentiles.

The terms and conditions of the covenant.

Yahowah is modest and not a “show off”.

January 05

The story of Nimrod.

The misunderstanding and disagreements people have concerning Observations view of Dowd.

Return to YashaYah/Isiah chapter 11.

Is 11:6-9 speaking of before or after Yahowah’s return.

Who is the choter and what is the nec?