Prophet Of Doom


Prophet Of Doom:

Islam’s Terrorist Dogma In Muhammad’s Own Words

Prophet of Doom Examines the Quran by putting into the context of Muhammad’s life using the Hadith. Using only Islam’s most fundamental books it shows that Muhammad was a murder, a terrorist, a pedophile, and a charlatan. It demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that Islami s a terrorist doctrine which has corrupted billions of souls and instructs Muslims to murder all non-Muslims who do not submit.



00-Letter to the Reader
1-Would You Believe?
2-Devils, Deceptions & Backrubs
3-I Don’t Noah ‘Bout This
4-Dishonest Abe
5-Can Qusayy Scam?
6-Heart Of Darkness
7-With Whom Am I Speaking?
8-The Abused Abuser
9-Demented Diety
10-Muddled Message
11-Satan’s Bargain
12-Delusions Of Grandeur
13-The Pedophile Pirate
14-The Anti-Semite
15-War Made A Profit (And A Prophet)
16-Mein Kampf
17-Good Muslims Kill
18-Lustful Libertine
19-Islam’s Holocaust
20a-The Tormented Terrorist
20b-The Tormented Terrorist
21-Blood & Booty
22-Legacy of Terror
24a-Profitable Prophet Plan
24b-Profitable Prophet Plan
25-Prophet Of Doom
Epilogue- What Are You Going To Do?
Appendix Islam’s Dark Past 1
Appendix Islams Dark Past 2
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Topical Quotes 2
Topical Quotes 3
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Topical Quotes 5
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