This page is meant to be a repository for information to help you and guide you on the path of translating Yahowah’s Word for yourself. I hope to add much to this page as we proceed.

The Word

I would highly recommend starting with The Word chapter of An Introduction to God, it is a great resource to get you started with translating, it explains in depth the difficulties of navigating through transiting with flawed tools.

Aleph Beyt

The Pictographic Hebrew is a great way to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the words which Yahowah chose to use. The original language of devine revelation used pictographic letters which not only conveyed sounds, but also meaning. Through them we can come to better understand the words themselves. The home page gives you an example of this by breaking down Yahowah’s name as well as the word Beryth.

Logos Translating Tutorial

At the request of a number of friends I created a couple of videos walking through how I do my translations and how to take advantage of the Logos software for these purposes. These videos are older and use an older version of Logos, but the basics remain the same and they may still be helpful in getting you started.

Hebrew Grammar “Cheat Sheet”

This is Craig’s “cheat sheet” for Hebrew Grammar. I plan to expound upon this in the future, but thought I would share it now.