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Yahowah Beryth

Yahowah’s Covenant Family

     Yahowah is God’s one and only, personal and proper name. It means I am and I exist. Beryth is the Hebrew word meaning a family oriented covenant relationship. It is based on beyth meaning home and family. Yahowah in Hebrew is Yad Hey Waw Hey.


The Yad, today called Yowd, was conveyed using a pictographic depiction of an open hand reaching down and out to us. This hand symbolized the power and authority to do whatever work was required. Even today, yad means “hand” in Hebrew, and metaphorically, it still represents the ideas of “engaging and doing,” and thus of “authority and power.” With Yah, the yad reveals His willingness to reach down to lift us up, to extend Himself and reach out to us with an open hand, hoping that we will grasp hold of Him.


The second and fourth letter in Yahowah’s name is a Hey. It was drawn as a person standing and reaching up while pointing to the heavens . In  Ancient Hebrew it conveyed the importance of observing what God has revealed, of becoming aware of Him, and of reaching up to Him for help. Affirming this, the Hebrew word hey still means “behold” in addition to “pay attention.” The key aspect of this character, which is repeated twice in Yahowah’s name, is that the individuals depicted are standing upright, so as to walk to and with God. They are not shown bowing down in worship. Further, both hands are raised as if to grasp hold of Yahowah’s hand, trusting Him to lead us home.


The third letter in יהוה – YHWH is the Wah, which was called Waw in  Ancient Hebrew. Its pictographic representation was drawn in the form of a tent peg or stake . These were used to secure a shelter and to enlarge it. And as such, the preposition wa communicates the ideas of adding to and of increasing something.


Bringing this all together, we discover that Yahowah’s name is about our response to His offer. YHWH says that God has the power, the authority, and the will to do whatever work needs to be accomplished to assist those who look to Him, who observe His revelation, and who reach up to Him for help. Those who do these things will be added to His family. They will be sheltered and become secure.


In Ancient and Paleo Hebrew, the script of revelation, the first letter in “beryth – covenant,” is Beyth – which also serves as the Hebrew word for “family and home.” Not surprisingly, it was written by drawing a picture of a tent, which was symbolic of a family living securely in a home. It therefore serves to define the beryth, picturing it as a home sheltering and protecting one’s household.


The second letter, Rosh, was scribed by illustrating an individual’s head. It was designed to convey the idea that something is the first order of business, the most important thing to accomplish, and the top priority. Nothing is more important to Yahowah than this “beryth – Family Relationship.”


As already discussed the third letter, the Hebrew Yad, was depicted by illustrating an arm and hand. It was used to visually communicate the will, authority, and ability to do whatever is required to achieve a goal. And Yahowah, the ultimate power and authority in the universe, will stop at nothing, save compromising His integrity and infringing upon freewill, to achieve His heart’s desire: the formation of a Familial Covenant Relationship with humankind.


Taw is the final letter in beryth, it described what had to be achieved to facilitate the priority of enlarging our Heavenly Father’s family. The Taw was drawn in the form of an upright pillar. It designates a doorway and a tent pole, which when erected, serves to enlarge a shelter, while also providing it with a reliable entrance. Yahowsha’ is the Upright Pillar who enlarges Yahowah’s family and home—which in turn is embodied by the Festival of Shelters. He is the Doorway to Heaven—which is represented by Passover.


God’s top priority is to “karat – cut” His “beryth – familial covenant relationship” with His creation so that nurtured and protected, we might live forever in His home. As promises and agreements go, there are none more valuable than this one.

        tawyadreshbeyt      heywawheyyad

     As such Yahowah Beryth is dedicated to growing Yahowah’s family through exposing religious and secular lies and corruption while witnessing to Yahowah’s Truth which is found in His Towrah teaching. We do this so that Yahowah’s Beryth Covenant Family might increase.